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Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin confirmed a 93% decline in car theft in the capital over the past 10 years. The words of the mayor transmit “News”.

According to Sobyanin, it was possible to reduce the number of car thefts after the widespread distribution of modern video surveillance and recording systems in Moscow.

“For comparison: 948 cases of theft were recorded last year and 13 thousand in 2012, when the first such complexes began to be installed in the city,” the mayor said.

Sergei Sobyanin also said that almost four thousand cameras are currently operating in Moscow, through which not only traffic violations are recorded, but also the paths of the hijackers are tracked.

“The neural network automatically checks the cars and their numbers for compliance with the credentials”, added the mayor.

Car theft news, but no longer from Moscow or even from Russia EADaily published earlier. Moldovan border police found that the Romanian government drives cars stolen in Italy.

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