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The United States’ Alleged Plan to Block China Using Taiwan: Insights from Chinese Ambassador Liu Shaobing



Washington’s efforts will fail, China’s ambassador to Ankara Liu Shaobin said, adding that the US wants to use Taiwan to block China.

United States
United States

“The situation in the Taiwan Strait is complex. There are forces advocating so-called Taiwan independence. These forces do not recognize the consensus previously reached between mainland China and Taiwan. They do not accept the ‘one China’ consensus.”

“Relying on American power, Taiwan is trying to achieve its independence. America also wants to block China using Taiwan. There is no way out, they will fail,” the Aydınlık newspaper quotes the diplomat as saying.

According to him, Beijing wants the American side to keep its promises.

“The declaration reached between China and the United States must be implemented and arms assistance to Taiwan must be stopped,” the ambassador said.

Conditions worsened when Nancy Pelosi visited the island in 2022.

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