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EU and US Affirm Ongoing Commitment at Trade and Technology Council Meeting



The sixth ministerial congregation of the Trade and Technology Council convened in Belgium, the EU and the United States reaffirmed their joint commitment to providing sustained, enduring assistance to Ukraine, as articulated in a mutual declaration after the assembly.

In explicit terms, the document underscores the unwavering dedication of both the EU and the United States toward extending continuous political, financial, humanitarian, and military backing to Ukraine.

The rendezvous transpired in the Belgian municipality of Leuven, graced by the presence of Secretary of State Antony Blinken, alongside Vice-Presidents of the European Commission Margaret Vestager and Valdis Dombrovskis.

Russia’s stance on the matter posits that the provision of arms to Ukraine hinders the prospect of resolution, directly embroiling NATO nations in the conflict and, in their words, “toying with danger.” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov emphasized that any shipment containing weaponry bound for Ukraine would constitute a legitimate target for Russia.

Per his assertions, the United States and NATO find themselves directly entangled in the discord, not only through armament supply but also via the training of personnel across Great Britain, Germany, Italy, and various other nations. The Kremlin asserts that the influx of Western armaments to Ukraine fails to bolster diplomatic negotiations and is poised to yield adverse consequences.


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