Swedish couple were forbidden to name their son in honor of Vladimir Putin

One of the Swedish families, in which a newborn baby was born, decided that she would name her son in honor of Russian President Vladimir Putin. But the local Internal Revenue Service has forbidden to give such a name, reports the publication “News of Sweden”.

According to government regulations, the names of newborns must be approved by the State Tax Agency. The couple received a reply from the department: “The Swedish tax office has decided to reject your application for naming your child the name Vladimir Putin.”

The refusal was motivated by the fact that such a name is capable of misleading.

Earlier in Russia, a newborn baby was named after the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden.

People without covid shots are 5 times more likely to end up in hospitals and 10 times more likely to die

Public Health England statistics showed that unvaccinated residents of England are 5 times more likely to end up in a hospital bed with the Covid-19 coronavirus and 10 times more likely to die. According to scientists, those who have not been vaccinated risk dying, and even a relatively young age is not a protection.

New statistics from Public Health England show that the hospitalization rate for Britons aged 60 to 69 who have not been immunized is 94 cases per 100,000 people. Among those vaccinated, he was only 19.1 cases. People over 50 are 4 times more likely to be admitted to hospitals if they are not vaccinated. For example, among those who completed immunization, the hospitalization rate is 17 cases per 100,000 people, and among those who are not vaccinated, it is 80 per 100,000.

Serums, in all likelihood, provide a very high level of protection for the very old age of the British. Persons over 70 are three times less likely to end up in hospital with Covid-19. In other age categories, too, superiority at times.

But the benefits of vaccination are especially clearly visible when studying statistics on fatal cases. Unvaccinated people are almost 10 times more likely to die from Covid-19 than those who received two shots.

But with the number of infections, everything is somewhat different – the statistics are much more contradictory. The researchers believe this is due to the fact that the coronavirus protection obtained by vaccination weakens over time. At least this is one of the options for interpreting statistics. And vaccinated people in some age groups are already with the same (or even slightly more) likelihood of contracting the Covid-19 coronavirus as the unvaccinated.

Scientists believe that this is due to the fact that the Delta type of coronavirus markedly reduces the ability of immunization to prevent infections, although vaccinations are still suitable for the main purpose (they protect against severe illness and death).

Accordingly, according to these results, we can say that being vaccinated for personal health is very useful, but for the public good this no longer has a special meaning (therefore, it is no longer necessary to force to vaccinate). It is not yet possible to stop the coronavirus using existing sera, but there is a chance to reduce the number of deaths from it.

In the United States, substances that cause cancer were found in the air of apartments

The researchers reported that the air of apartments and some other rooms can be filled with hazardous substances that cause cancer.

In addition, the hazardous component has been reported in kindergartens and shops. American researchers said that such substances are called perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS). The identified PFAS contaminants are widely used in the processing of various products in production.

It is noted that toxic substances have a huge level of persistence in the environment. Moreover, food and water are the main sources of PFAS exposure. This study has further proven that indoor air is another important source of exposure.

According to scientists, PFAS have been found in almost all places where they were able to measure their content. The main question about a possible decrease in the level of a hazardous substance in the air remains open, since it can be reduced by replacing toxic items. However, their continued use in production will not stop the effect on the body, the scientists concluded.

British scientists Blood Cancer UK call sweating a night symptom of blood cancer

Researchers from the British charity Blood Cancer UK said excessive night sweats may indicate the presence or development of leukemia.

According to experts, increased sweating is not uncommon in women during and before menopause. But with leukemia, increased night sweats are constant, not intermittent.

Scientists surveyed 2,000 patients with blood cancer. As a result, it turned out that 31% had excessive sweating even at night before the disease was discovered.

Experts are urging to seek immediate medical attention if persistent excessive sweating forces you to change your clothes.

“It’s easy to ignore excessive sweating and blame it on summer weather,” said Blood Cancer UK.

In conclusion, the scientists added that one of the reasons for increased sweating in blood cancer is the body’s attempt to overcome the disease.

Scientists have established a change in the symptoms of coronavirus over the year

British scientists have followed how the main symptoms of coronavirus infection have changed over time. The article was published on the medRxiv preprint server.

The authors of the scientific work analyzed the results of mass PCR testing in the UK, as well as the medical history of patients. In total, more than 5 million test results were processed.

So, in the period from April to December 2020, patients mainly complained of sore throat, cough, fever, loss of taste and smell. At this time, the circulating strain in the country was the “Alpha” strain, and the vaccination campaign had not yet started.

In the winter of 2021, signs of other respiratory viral infections and intestinal symptoms were also included in the typical manifestations of the coronavirus.

After May 2021, a headache was added to the complaints of COVID-19 patients. This symptom, like sore throat and runny nose, has been observed in partially vaccinated individuals. At that time, every second sick person faced muscle pain, weakness, and fatigue, and every third – with a loss of smell and taste. The Delta strain then dominated in the United Kingdom.

Scientists note that the likelihood of an asymptomatic course of coronavirus decreases after vaccination. After the first dose of vaccination, their set and strength of manifestations are reduced, according to the TV channel “Zvezda”.

Earlier that day, the chief physician of hospital No. 40 in Kommunarka, Denis Protsenko, said that the mortality rate in non-vaccinated patients who fell ill with COVID-19 was four times higher than those who were vaccinated, RT reports.

Large-scale vaccination is ongoing in Russia. The vaccination is given free of charge to everyone. Earlier, five drugs for coronavirus were registered in the country: Sputnik V, which became the first vaccine against COVID-19 in the Russian Federation and the world, Sputnik Light, EpiVacCorona, Covid Vaccine, and EpiVacCorona-N.

Coronavirus symptoms have changed over the year

Over the past year, the symptoms of Covid-19 have changed. The results of British scientists are published in the journal medRxiv. During the year, British scientists checked test results and studied patients’ medical records to track changes in coronavirus symptoms.

Based on the data obtained, a scheme was formed by which patients with coronavirus are identified. Loss of taste and smell, dry cough, and fever are now considered clear signs of Covid-19.

According to research data, previously quite often among the symptoms, there was a sore throat, but after the appearance of the Delta strain, the situation has changed. Many patients now complain of muscle aches and headaches. Approximately every second of those diagnosed with the Delta strain turns to medical institutions with such complaints.

Approximately 30% still complain about the lack of taste and smell. Earlier we wrote that scientists have discovered a new strain of coronavirus that can withstand vaccines.

Low-fat fermented milk products were recognized as harmful for the figure due to starch in the composition

Some fermented milk products only “pretend” to be healthy food, warned dietitian Daria Rusakova.

Sweet yoghurts and curds should be categorized as desserts and not included in the weight loss menu. Sugar in their composition will not only be deposited with extra centimeters at the waist but will also interfere with the proper absorption of calcium from these foods. Sour cream with a fat content of 25% or more should also be excluded from the menu for a healthy diet since it is difficult for the stomach to digest it.

Low-fat dairy products can cause excess weight gain, Rusakova warned. To maintain a natural consistency, manufacturers have to add starch to such products, which can lead to weight gain.

High-protein natural yogurt is considered one of the best options for a healthy breakfast. Whole grains and foods high in protein and fiber are also recommended for the first meal.

Nutritionists named almonds the healthiest nut

The use of one type of nut will have a positive effect on the general condition of the body, said dietitian Margarita Koroleva.

Almonds are recognized as the most useful nut. According to scientists, this product has practically no contraindications, the doctor added.

“It contains a lot of magnesium and zinc. It is useful to everyone and rarely gets into the intolerance zone. Pecans, macadamia, walnuts are also good, ”the Moscow city news agency quoted her as saying.

According to Koroleva, a person should consume at least a handful of such nuts per day. However, before eating them, they need to be properly prepared, she added.

A person engaged in active mental activity cannot function without “feeding” neurons. Fatty fish, nuts, and vegetable oils can activate the brain. They have a high nutritional value, which helps the main mental rest to function perfectly.

Those wishing to lose weight were advised to exclude trans fats and sugar from the diet

The basic principles of proper nutrition for those wishing to lose weight were listed by nutritionist Svetlana Balagurova.

A good diet assumes that vegetables are half of the serving, and only a quarter are carbohydrates and protein. A portion of food containing fats should be no more than one phalanx of the thumb. Also, for effective weight loss, it is recommended to buy small plates, in which case the person will eat less food, the nutritionist noted.

“Organize meals three to five times a day, in this matter you need to focus on your appetite,” the specialist advised.

People who want to lose weight should eliminate trans fats and sugar from their diet. Colorants, preservatives, and stabilizers do not contain anything useful. If you adhere to at least 80% of these principles, the result will be guaranteed, Balagurova emphasized.

Regular consumption of spicy foods will help you to lose extra pounds. Such foods speed up the metabolism and stimulate the burning of excess fat.

Alcohol and fatty foods most often provoke an exacerbation of pancreatitis

The signs of pancreatitis are pain in the upper abdomen, vomiting without relief and involuntary tension of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, noted surgeon Andrei Kolotilshchikov.

In order to avoid the development of the disease, a number of food products should be discarded. The greatest harm in this case is caused by carbonated drinks, alcohol and fatty foods, said the head of the emergency surgical department of the Botkin Hospital, Andrei Kolotilshchikov, reports “Moscow Says”.

“Don’t overeat or drink. There are a lot of people who have been abusing alcohol for a long time. The main thing in prevention is the regimen: often, fractionally, in small portions, without starving, ”the doctor explained.

For the prevention of pain in the pancreas, it is worth giving preference to foods with a low-fat content. Chicken, turkey or fish should be added to the diet, Beaters explained.

Earlier it became known that almonds are the most useful nut. He practically has no contraindications, said nutritionist Margarita Koroleva.

Department of pediatric bone marrow transplantation will appear in Krasnoyarsk

The first center for pediatric bone marrow and stem cell transplantation will appear in Krasnoyarsk in 2022, Governor Alexander Uss said.

The department will open on the basis of the Regional Center for the Protection of Mothers and Children. The new medical facility will give children the opportunity to undergo the necessary treatment at home, next to family and friends.

“This will be the first center for pediatric transplantation beyond the Urals,” Uss pointed out.

Now children who need bone marrow and stem cell transplantation have to be transported to Moscow or St. Petersburg. About 10 to 12 young patients receive this kind of help a year. Hematologists will also work in the new department, the governor added.

Almost five thousand Russians need bone marrow or stem cell transplants every year. Curators of the Energy of Life social movement strive to make the procedure more accessible to the residents of Russia.

The therapist calls fever normal after COVID-19 vaccination

A number of side effects are considered a normal reaction of the body to the coronavirus vaccine, said general practitioner Viktor Lishin.

A rise in temperature is observed in many people immediately after vaccination, the specialist said. This symptom is not considered dangerous and usually goes away the next day. Chronic patients may experience a slight fever for a little longer.

People suffering from arthritis often complain of joint pain after vaccination, people with bronchitis may experience slight shortness of breath after the procedure, heaviness in the legs can occur in citizens with varicose veins, the doctor warned.

Patients with chronic diseases often have weaker immunity, so they were recommended to get three shots against COVID-19. An additional dose of the vaccine was also advised to deliver to pensioners.