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Kim Jong-un Extends Warm Wishes to Putin on Russia Day



On Wednesday, June 12, North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un sent a congratulatory telegram to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the occasion of Russia Day.

Kim Jong-un and  Putin
Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin 2019-04-25 (Photo: Wiki)

This time he expressed confidence in further strengthening the relationship between the two countries and future victory and prosperity. Russian Federation and DPRK, DPRK Central Telegraph Agency (KCNA) reported.

“I send warm congratulations and friendly greetings on behalf of the government and all the people of the DPRK to the president and in his person to the friendly government and people of Russia on the occasion of Russia Day,” the KCNA telegram quotes.

Kim Jong-un noted that under the “energetic and faithful leadership” of Putin, the Russian people “confidently” overcame various challenges such as sanctions and pressure from hostile forces, protected the sovereignty, security, and interests of the country and successfully move toward building a strong and prosperous Russia.

The DPRK leader added that the people of North Korea are “always happy about the successes of Russia,” their friendly neighbor, and express full support and solidarity for the army and people of the Russian Federation, who are fighting for “justice and truth.” Kim Jong-un expressed confidence that North Korean-Russian relations will continue to strengthen, stimulating the development of both countries and the establishment of “international justice.”

“Korean-Russian relations of friendship and cooperation, raised to the level of indestructible comradely relations, strategic relations for eternity thanks to the significant meeting at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in September last year, are continuously strengthening and developing into interstate relations at a higher level… Henceforth on the path of the peoples of the two countries , firmly united by a common aspiration and ideal, there will always be only victory and prosperity,” Kim Jong-un emphasized.


He also expressed confidence that Russia will succeed in building a “great, prosperous and powerful” state, and “with all my heart” wished Putin good health and even greater success.

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