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Rashina Singer Leonid Agutin won a case against a Tula Blogger



Who accused him of Satanism. Leonid Agutin sued a blogger for 1 million 241 thousand rubles (About American $13,500 ) for accusations of Satanism.

Leonid Agutin
Leonid Agutin

The court upheld the claim of singer Leonid Agutin against a Tula blogger for this accusation. Who accused him of Satanism.

The artist has to pay 1 million rubles in moral compensation. And an additional 241 thousand rubles for legal expenses. reported this shot of the Telegram channel.

The report revealed that the video that started the scandal was released in 2020. In it, the blogger says that Agutin programs people with the song “Turn off the lights”.

He also talked about the mysterious signs in the video, which hinted at a connection with Satan, and mentioned that the singer might be a Freemason.

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When Leonid learned that he was accused of Satanism, he went to court and demanded 1 million rubles in moral compensation.

The claim was fully satisfied. Then the singer again submitted documents to receive another 1 million rubles for legal expenses.

But the judge decided to reduce the amount. Thus, 217 thousand rubles were recovered from the criminal Agutin.

23 thousand rubles were recovered from the owner of the site where the scandalous video was posted.


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