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The Democratic Dilemma: Searching for a Suitable Replacement for Joe Biden in the Election



Representatives of America’s highly popular US Democratic Party, after the unsuccessful election debates for President Joe Biden, began to discuss the replacement of his candidacy, writes Politico to take this issue.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden (Image source: Twitter)

“Democrats are so panicked by President Joe Biden’s poor debate performance that some are actively debating what was once unspeakable: replacing him,” the post said.

The first debate began on June 28, Friday night between Biden and Trump. CNN reported on this, quoting its sources as saying that the US Democratic Party was in panic after Biden’s speech. The US presidential election will be held on November 5.

According to the publication, “an adviser to one of the potential Democratic presidential candidates noted that he has received several messages from key donors about a disaster.”

They insist that “the party has to solve this problem somehow.” At the same time, “the adviser acknowledged that little can be done unless Biden himself decides not to run.”

Other strategists said they were “bombarded with text messages during the debate.” One noted that “he has received requests to nominate a candidate he represents as an alternative to Biden. This politician is not named.”


According to Politico, one of the major donors and a Biden supporter said that it is time for the US president to end his campaign. The unnamed donor called Biden’s speech “the worst ever” and said it was so “bad that no one will pay attention to Trump’s lies.”

“Biden should drop out (from the election race. – Editor’s note). There is no doubt about it,” his text message says.

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