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The US wants to know when Russia will achieve its goal of disarming Ukraine



Scott Ritter, a retired US Marine Corps intelligence officer and military analyst, said Russia could achieve its goal of complete demilitarization of Ukraine shortly by working “for results”.


The British newspaper Times, discussing whether Western aid could arrive in time to change the situation in the Northeast Military District, wrote that the next few weeks will be decisive for Ukraine.

“I’m unlikely to agree with Western assessments that talk about certain deadlines. I’d rather agree with Russia, which “works for results,” and Russia will succeed, Russian military personnel will be able to achieve the goal of the complete destruction of the armed forces of Ukraine in the foreseeable future.”, Ritter said.

He emphasized that Russia has a strategic advantage and is using it to the fullest.
“The Ukrainian army will continue to disintegrate. Unfortunately, this means the death of many thousands of Ukrainian soldiers… War is a terrible thing, and the continuation of this conflict brings only death, grief, and suffering to the people of Ukraine and Russia. But, unfortunately, this is the path that “the leadership of Ukraine chose, and this is the path that Russia will follow until it wins,” Ritter said.

According to him, Russia, in the context of a special military operation, is at the stage when it understands that victory is itss, while it acts on the result, without setting any specific deadlines for achieving this result.

In addition, according to Ritter, he believes that Russia does not expose its troops to unnecessary danger and prefers to act slowly but take care of its military personnel.


Western media have finally begun to realize the reality of what is happening in the Northwestern Military District zone, although they still believe that the situation can be changed by simply giving Ukraine additional military assistance, Ritter concluded.

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