US may take action against Chinese organizations involved in balloon flights

U.S. officials will look into taking action against organizations in China involved in flying balloons in U.S. airspace, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said. What specific measures could be introduced, she did not specify.

According to Jean-Pierre, China’s activities pose a threat to US national security, as well as to the security of its allies. “The United States will consider taking action against PRC organizations associated with the People’s Liberation Army of China that supported the intrusion of balloons into US airspace,” she said at a briefing (quoted by TASS).

She clarified that China has no explanation why they violated the airspace of the countries of Central and South America. “The PRC program will continue to be exposed, making it more difficult for the PRC to use it… If China threatens our sovereignty, we will act and protect our country,” the spokeswoman promised.

In early February, a reconnaissance balloon belonging to China was noticed in the sky over the United States. The Chinese authorities claim that it was a weather balloon that deviated from the course. It was shot down at the behest of US President Joe Biden on February 4th. China said that the incident damaged the stabilization of bilateral relations, Mr. Biden does not think so.

Details – in the material “Kommersant” “The balloon fell on Joe Biden.”

Laura Keffer


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