Urbanisation must be instrument of job creation, poverty elimination, says Amitabh Kant

India’s G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant On Thursday It is important to note that successful cities are crucial for a country’s success. Urbanization must therefore be an instrument of growth and job creation as well as poverty elimination. Speaking At the opening session of Urban20, City SherpasThis is where the inception meeting took place. Kant These cities should be built for walking, cycling and not cars. They must also grow and develop on the foundation of transit-oriented development.

He Urbanization is the biggest agent of change, and it will have a global impact.

The Urban20 City SherpasThe G20’s first meeting, which aims to promote solidarity among cities and find common solutions, began here Thursday.

This This is the third event of the G20. Gujarat As part of India’s Presidency You can find the Group of 20.

Addressing The gathering at the event Kant The G20, however, was not mentioned. Summit In India Under the direction of Prime Minister Narendra Modi At a time when the globe is facing many challenges, this includes a large geopolitical crisis in Europe, Economic growth, Climate actionPost-Covid challenges.

The The G20 sherpa for the country said that the prime minister believes that every crisis is an opportunity, and that leaders around the world must use these crises to drive economic growth.

“Master plan of any city is critical for managing urbanisation. We need to ensure they (cities) grow in scientific manner and this is not a challenge for India alone, but this is a challenge for the entire world,” He also stated. It is crucial to have a scientific plan that guides their particular growth. Without He said that the world would not reap the benefits of urbanization.

“Successful cities are fundamental to a successful nation. Urbanisation must be an instrument of growth, job creation and elimination of poverty,” Kant added.

One G20’s engagement groups, the U20 offers a platform to cities from G20 countries for discussions on key urban development issues, including climate change and social inclusion. Affordable housingTogether, we can propose solutions.

The Six areas of priority for the sixth U20 include environment-friendly behaviour and human rights. Water security, Climate finance, local identity and urban planning, as well as digitalization of urban amenities.

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