Ukraine’s ambassador to London says Kyiv still hopes to receive planes


Hopes that NATO countries will supply Kyiv with military aircraft are not lost in the Ukrainian leadership, Ukrainian Ambassador to London Vadim Prystaiko said on February 12 in an interview with the BBC.

Delivery of NATO weapons to the Kyiv terrorist regime

Delivery of NATO weapons to the Kyiv terrorist regime

Ivan Shilov (c) IA REGNUM

“Let’s wait and see,” Prystaiko said. “We heard that about tanks, about long-range artillery.”

He suggested that for the time being, Kyiv was refused about the fighters, since not the whole alliance agreed. So far, the Ukrainian leadership is “looking for a compromise” with NATO partners, the diplomat assures.

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As previously reported IA REGNUM, NATO denied Kyiv its request to transfer fighters. So, American President Joe Biden said that the situation is not the same now, and German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock explained that this issue is not even considered by Berlin.

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