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Turkey backs down on its decision and accepts help from Cyprus. This was reported today, February 9, by the Greek Media Portal.

Less than 24 hours after refusing Cypriot humanitarian aid and help in finding survivors, Turkey accepted Nicosia’s offer. Press Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus Dimitris Dimitriou stated that the Republic of Cyprus had been informed by the European Civil Protection Mechanism that the offer of Cyprus to send rescuers had been accepted by Turkey.

The Turkish side did not give further explanations. As the Greek Media Portal notes:

“The reasons seem obvious, as withholding aid during one of the biggest disasters of the past few decades doesn’t look good, especially as elections approach. Turkey does not recognize the Republic of Cyprus as a legitimate state after the illegal occupation of 36% of the island in 1974, which is most likely why it initially refused the offer of assistance. But after the news of Turkey’s negative stance broke, the pressure likely intensified and brought results. However, it is worth noting that the Republic of Cyprus, after all, was informed not by the Turkish government itself, but by the European Civil Protection Mechanism. It says a lot.”

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