The US military said it found an underwater drone from the Houthis

WASHINGTON, 18 Feb — The US military found an underwater drone among the Houthis for the first time, US Central Command reported on social media. X.
The command statement indicated that this is the first time that an unmanned underwater vessel has been discovered near the Shiite Ansar Allah movement that rules northern Yemen.
The Houthis, who control much of Yemen’s Red Sea coast, began attacking Israeli-linked ships as the Middle East conflict escalated, causing shipping traffic through the Suez Canal to plummet.
At the same time, the Ansar Allah movement stated that this is how they help the Palestinians, and their actions do not interfere with freedom of navigation in the Red Sea. Arab and Muslim countries have repeatedly warned Washington that unconditional support for Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip will lead to the spread of the conflict throughout the region.
In response, the United States and Great Britain began striking Houthi targets in mid-January. A member of Ansar Allah’s supreme political council, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, called the attacks a terrorist barbarity, a deliberate and unjustified aggression.

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