The Russians were offered to do massage at home


If necessary, patients in need of rehabilitation will be able to receive medical care at home. Including using telemedicine. Such provisions are contained in a new draft order of the Ministry of Health, published on the portal of regulatory legal acts.

Without separation from native walls

The draft order says that rehabilitation at home is carried out in a planned manner by those medical organizations that have a license for this. And if they do not have a narrow specialist, then telemedicine consultation can be used.

Only the attending physician can prescribe rehabilitation, including at home. At the same time, he will draw up an individual plan for the patient.

Member of the Duma Committee on Health Protection Mikhail Kizeev told Parliamentary Newspaper that remote rehabilitation is relevant in several cases – for example, for patients who have had severe vascular diseases. He believes that thanks to telemedicine, people, being at home, receive rehabilitation treatment in several directions at once: this is physical rehabilitation, and consultations with a psychologist, ergotherapist, and neurologist. In addition, this is a good way to help in the treatment of residents of remote areas.

“On the one hand, doctors of district hospitals and medical assistants of FAPs can consult with colleagues from regional clinics and federal medical centers in order to accurately diagnose and prescribe effective treatment. On the other hand, patients have the opportunity to remotely talk with a doctor of a narrow specialty without long trips and long queues, ”Kizeev believes. Of course, telemedicine services cannot always replace a specialist, but they will help if it is not possible to come to a medical facility, the politician concluded.

Mikhail Kizeev
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The authors of the document also described the list of medical manipulations during the rehabilitation of the patient at home. The doctor must examine the patient, including with the help of palpation, conduct anthropometric studies, that is, measure weight and height, measure temperature and pressure. Put to the home patient and ECG, and massage, and exercise therapy.

In the latter case, if necessary, he will be given equipment, for example, sticks, including for Nordic walking, dumbbells, elastic bands, a pulse oximeter, a system for remote monitoring of training, orthoses, walkers and canes.

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Only by indication

Rehab is a very important step on the road to recovery. But we must remember that when prescribing such a complex, there are indications and contraindications. The need for this or that manipulation is determined by the attending physician, recalled Mikhail Kizeev.

So, rehabilitation treatment is necessary if a person cannot move for a long time after injuries, operations, prosthetics. Rehabilitation is also shown for the prevention of limitation of movement in the joints after surgical treatment. In the same list – the restoration of self-service and movement after vascular accidents, injuries, diseases of the nervous or respiratory system, operations on the musculoskeletal system.

But with severe mental disorders, hypertension, severe coronary insufficiency, active phases of rheumatism or tuberculosis, the doctor will not prescribe a rehabilitation complex. Also among the contraindications are acute thrombosis and embolism, incurable malignant neoplasms, gross violations of the intellectual-mnestic function and a severe degree of dysfunction of the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, and hepatic systems of the body.


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