The media assessed the volume of necessary assistance to Ukraine from Europe if the United States refuses

MOSCOW, February 26 – European countries need to allocate about 10% of defense spending to help Ukraine to win, a figure that will increase to almost 20% if the US stops supporting Kyiv, the Guardian newspaper reports, citing a source.
A meeting will be held in Paris on Monday where members of the European Union and NATO will discuss the situation in Ukraine.
“Each country should send about 10% of its defense spending to Ukraine for Kiev to win, but this figure is closer to 20% if there is no further military assistance from the United States,” the publication said. According to sources, in Europe they also want to identify in the short term those factories that can increase ammunition production.
Earlier, the Kiel Institute of World Economics stated that Europe will have to double the current volume and pace of military assistance to Ukraine in order to replace the support Kiev receives from the United States in 2024.

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