The investor said that the United States is rushing from one extreme to another in sanctions against Russian companies

The United States in the sanctions against some Russian companies, in particular the USM holding, rushes from one extreme to another, the enterprises have already adapted to work in the new conditions.

Kyle Shostak, director of the American investment company Navigator Principal Investors, expressed this opinion on Thursday in an interview with a TASS correspondent.

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“It seems that the newly imposed sanctions by the United States will hit the group of companies that are part of the Alisher Usmanov USM holding, in particular Megafon and Lebedinsky GOK, the hardest hit. However, this group fell under sanctions back in May last year and since then, I believe , has been adapting to work in the new conditions for a year,” he said. “With regard to Mr. Usmanov, the authors of the sanctions, in general, seem to be unable to decide in any way: either they introduced a special license that allowed transactions with his real estate, now this license has been revoked without explanations of the reasons <…>. You can’t call such things anything but sanctions shying from one extreme to another.”

According to the investor, restrictive measures against companies associated with Rosatom will not significantly affect their activities. “Rosatom has long taken Western sanctions for granted and is actively promoting its services for the development and construction of nuclear power plants in the Middle East, Iran and Southeast Asia. I do not see a cardinal impact of new restrictive measures on the development of Rusatom Overseas’ business in this regard,” he noted.

The main risk, Shostak believes, for some sanctioned Russian companies “is the refusal of equipment suppliers to fulfill their contractual obligations and difficulties with the transition to domestic software.”

The Washington administration previously announced the introduction of new anti-Russian restrictions. They, in particular, affect Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin, the All-Russian military-patriotic public movement “Yunarmiya”, a subsidiary of the state corporation “Rosatom” JSC “Rusatom Overseas”. The sanctions also affected structures associated with Usmanov.

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