Shmyhal: Ukraine lost 44% of nuclear power plant capacity, 75% of thermal power plant, 33% of thermal power plant


The Ukrainian prime minister acknowledged the huge damage suffered by the country’s energy

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal called the amount of damage suffered by the country’s energy system after the start of the NWO, the press service of the Ukrainian government reports on February 10.

Ukrainian energy

Ukrainian energy

Ivan Shilov © IA REGNUM

In total, according to Shmyhal, almost two dozen power units of thermal power plants remain damaged due to constant attacks. Taking into account the part of energy facilities located on the lost territory, Ukraine lost 44% of nuclear generation, 75% of the capacity of thermal power plants and 33% of block thermal power plants. Over the past four months, every second Ukrenergo substation has been attacked.

Shmygal said that on February 10, Russian troops launched a massive missile attack on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

“Zaporozhye was subjected to one of the biggest air attacks since the beginning of the war. Kharkiv was also under massive attack at night. In the morning, the rocket attack continued and affected the entire country.”– said the Ukrainian prime minister.

However, Shmyhal ended his speech on an optimistic note. According to him, the vast majority of Ukrainians are left with heat, water and electricity.

“Repairs are underway, there are enough resources to end the winter, generators are coming in, energy equipment from partners is on the way,” Shmyhal said.

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