Russian traveler who visited Georgia dispelled popular myths about this country


A travel blogger from Russia visited Georgia and talked about the most popular myths about this country that are common on the Web.

First of all, the traveler was outraged by the frequent mention of the high level of crime. According to her, everything is calm even in Tbilisi, and even more so in the provinces. The Russian woman did not encounter either scammers or serious crime.

The blogger was also struck by rumors about “polluted air”. The tourist assured that everything is fine with clean air in Tbilisi. In some areas, there is indeed a specific smell, but it is provided by popular sulfur springs, on which there are baths, sung by the poet Alexander Pushkin.

Another erroneous statement is that Georgia is a country with a poorly developed infrastructure. Of course, it is easier to take a taxi or rent a car, but public transport also works, writes Turprom.


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