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A Recent Russian Ambassador Confirmed Japan’s Continued Militarization



Japan’s Prime Minister’s administration continues to pursue a policy of accelerated militarization and a consistent dismantling of the constitution’s pacifist provisions. This work has made the country proud for decades. Russian Ambassador to Japan Nikolai Nozdrev told reporters in an interview.

Russia and Japan
Russia and Japan

Noted the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Japan, “We are talking about a significant increase in military spending, acquiring strike potential, lifting self-restrictions on arms exports, as well as a significant deepening of military cooperation with Washington. These practical steps, coupled with a complete disregard for post-war realities, attempts to rewrite history and the inculcation of revanchist sentiments in society, raise a lot of concerns in our country and other states neighboring Japan.”

Japan adopted three important defense and security documents in mid-December 2022: the Defense Capability Plan, which establishes the amount of weapons and the overall defense spending, the National Security Strategy, which lays out the objectives and methods of defense, and the National Defense Strategy.

Japan’s defense budget is projected to rise gradually to 2% of GDP by 2027, according to the three documents.

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