Russian Ambassador in London: Britain is preparing to confiscate Russian assets

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Sanctions against Russia in general and the Urals in particular

Britain intends to confiscate frozen Russian assets. For this, a corresponding bill is already being prepared. Andrey Kelin, Russian Ambassador to London, spoke about this.

“The first case of confiscation of personal (Russian) assets has occurred now,” Andrey Kelin said. His words are quoted by RIA Novosti. The ambassador noted that such actions are illegal. “But the perverted logic is that such laws need to be invented, this, as far as I understand, is being done in the European Union and Washington“, – summed up the diplomat.

After the start of the special operation, the West began to actively impose sanctions against Russia, trying to isolate it from the rest of the world. In particular, Russian assets worth 300 billion euros were frozen. Many countries offered to send all these funds to the needs of Ukraine. However, later the EU legal service stated that at the moment the transfer of assets is impossible, since the location of 86% of the funds is unknown, reports RT. Also in France, they said that the provision of these assets to Kyiv is also not possible, because they cannot be confiscated without a court decision.


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