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Restrictions on education for women in the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” (IEA, the self-name of the country among the Taliban*) are temporary. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs, Information and Culture Mohammad Yunus Rashid at a press conference in Uruzgan, TOLOnews reports.

He explained that the IEA is trying to create an education system for women and girls based on Sharia.

“The Islamic Emirate has a policy of educating women, a right that Islam gives them, the Islamic Emirate is committed to this,” Mohammad Yunus Rashid said.

Meanwhile, some young people called on the current government to provide jobs for the younger generation to prevent illegal immigration.

“I studied at the university, did I commit a crime or sin if I studied at school and at the university for sixteen years under the previous government?” asks a young girl from Uruzgan Jumma Gul Hemmat.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs said that work has recently begun on a plan to provide jobs for more than three million young Afghans. Previously, youth in the country cited unemployment and the appointment of ignorant leaders as the main reason for emigration from Afghanistan.

*Terrorist organization, banned on the territory of the Russian Federation

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