Prigozhin Explains Why Wagner PMC Canceled Recruitment — EADaily, February 10, 2023 — Politics News, Russian News


The head of the PMC “Wagner” answered the CNN publication on the question of why the admission of prisoners to the PMC “Wagner” was stopped. According to him, now the company is considering proposals from the Americans.

Since the release of the Wagner PMC advertisement aimed at the American audience, we have received more than 10 million applications from US citizens wishing to join the Wagner PMC to fight against NATO, Prigozhin said.

“At the moment, we are considering about a million American citizens for employment. Therefore, we temporarily suspended the recruitment of volunteers from Russian prisons, however, if there is a corresponding request from the US State Department, we will recruit from American ones, ”declared Prigogine.

Earlier, he confirmed the information that for about a month now there has been no recruitment from correctional facilities in the Wagner PMC.

“Yes, indeed, it is. The recruitment of prisoners in PMC “Wagner” has been completely stopped. To those who work for us now, all obligations are fulfilled,” – said the head of “Wagner”.

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