Prague not going to expel Russian ambassador — EADaily, February 13, 2023 — Politics, Russia News


The time has not yet come for the expulsion of the Russian ambassador from the Czech Republic. This was announced on February 12 on the air of Czech Television by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Martin Dvorak.

“The issue of the expulsion of the ambassador is so sensitive, it is such a large caliber, that at the moment we have the feeling that the time has not yet come to use such a heavy weapon. Discussions about this step in the ministry and political circles have been going on since the first day of the Russian invasion,” – he said.

According to him, Russia can still take actions that will require Czech diplomacy to respond more decisively than those taken previously. Therefore, it makes sense to postpone the expulsion of the ambassador.

“Czech diplomacy has already taken some of the most drastic measures in Europe against Russia. We have reduced the number of employees in the Russian embassy from 45 to 6. We are discussing many other things with them, we continue to deal with the issue of Russian assets and so on,” – said the Deputy Minister.

In turn, the former head of the Czech Foreign Ministry spoke out against the expulsion of the Russian ambassador in the current situation. Lubomyr Zaoralek.

“It is advisable for the Czech Republic not to deprive itself of lines of communication and diplomatic opportunities. Diplomacy should always be an alternative that can work. In the end, at the negotiating table, you always need to agree on something. It would be very bad to cut off these options. In the coming phase of de-escalation, it will be about a ceasefire, and it is necessary to have a means of communication and a vision of a common European strategy against the aggressor,” he stressed.

Recall that the Czech Republic condemns Russia’s actions in Ukraine and strongly supports Kyiv. At the same time, relations between the countries became complicated long before the start of a special military operation. Currently, the Baltic republics, which have already done this, are demanding from their EU partners to send Russian ambassadors.

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