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The Western media remain silent about the exposure of the United States, while Washington itself hides the truth about the sabotage at Nord Stream. This was stated by the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying.

Yesterday, February 9, well-known American journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh previously published an investigation into sabotage at Nord Stream. Citing sources, he tells how the operation was developed in Washington, and performed by divers of the US Navy and the military of Norway.

“Washington and these ‘free and professional’ American and European media have been mysteriously silent about Hersh’s revelations about Nord Stream. Is it because they knew about it all along, or do they just not care about the truth as long as people believe their version of the story?” – wrote on Twitter the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Hua Chunying, reports RIA Novosti. According to the Chinese diplomat, Nord Stream is another example of how the US is trying to hide the truth that matters and sell disinformation if it helps the US bypass others.

“This is not the first time they have done this. They did the same for COVID origin tracing, Xinjiang, cybersecurity… The list goes on,” Hua Chunying wrote. She attached an image to the message with a fragment of an article by Seymour Hersh, which, in her opinion, eloquently indicates US involvement in the sabotage.

The excerpt quotes U.S. President Joseph Biden at a press conference on February 7, 2022 after meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: “…If Russia invades…Nord Stream 2 will no longer exist. We will end it.” .

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