Named the reasons for Zelensky’s attempts to intimidate Sanda “Russia’s plan to seize Moldova”

The “detailed plan” for the capture of Moldova, which was told by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, is another fake that aims to keep everyone in good shape. Vladimir Bruter, an expert at the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies, spoke about this in an interview with Life.

“Of course, there is no such document, it’s a pure fake. If we now get into the State Department’s document warehouse, we will find so many things there! Nobody can say that there is a certain document without its verification,” the political scientist said.

He noted that the Moldovans themselves are trying not to get involved in the persecution of the Russian Federation because of the special operation. Moreover, Moldova is thoroughly saturated with nepotism and “everyone is demanding positions.” Therefore, even politicians understand that the more they run into the enemy now, the more they will get later.

“The current authorities themselves are very unhappy that they have to close [бывшего президента республики Игоря] Dodona, because it will have a return. They have a low rating, no one likes Sandu’s government. They actually sit on Western bayonets. That’s why [Зеленскому] we need to convince them that they should participate more actively in this, that they should more actively pursue a Russophobic campaign, close Russian TV channels, ban the Russian language,” – says the expert.

According to Bruter, this is nothing but pressure on the people of Moldova, an attempt to deprive the neighboring country of any alternatives and force people to support the line that they are offered.


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