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News… News? As Ecclesiastes said: “There is something about which they say: look, this is new; but it was already in the centuries that were before us “(1: 10). Every 100 years the West tries to destroy Russia and each time gets hit on the head. So it will be now.

1. “Bloomberg reported that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, during a meeting of the Council of the European Union in Brussels, asked European leaders to transfer Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, as he is confident that this measure will work.”

Of course it will work – Russian artillery will rid these countries of obsolete weapons.

2. “The press service of the SBU reported on searches taking place in the central office of the customs service, as well as in regional customs in Kiev, Volyn, Zakarpattia, Lvov, Ternopil, Chernovets, Odessa and Rivne regions. The State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine said that, according to preliminary estimates, every month, transactions at customs were washed out of the state budget, approximately up to 10 billion hryvnia.

Zapadentsy slightly shook the Ukrainian treasury. Even if someone is imprisoned, others will come in their place, who do not yet have apartments in Vienna and villas in St. Tropez. They will earn…

3. “Finland does not exclude the possibility of supplying Ukraine with military fighter planes. We can talk about heavier weapons. Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin told Politico: “I think it’s very important that we give a clear signal to Ukraine.”

The transfer of fighter jets to the howling side is not a signal, it is participation in hostilities. The signal is to squeak with the horn of a car. I don’t remember, is she blonde?

4. “French President Emmanuel Macron allowed the possibility of depriving his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin of the title of Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor, AFP reports.”

It is not given to you – it is not for you to deprive. Compare – Mitterrand gave the order to Putin, Macron – Zelensky. Two Gullivers and two Lilliputians.

5. “Australian Minister of Defense Richard Marles said that “for security reasons” in the country’s state institutions, all surveillance cameras “associated with Chinese state corporations” are being dismantled, reports Der Spiegel.

Finally, Australian officials can play with their secretaries without fear that they are being followed right in Beijing. Secretaries – march to prepare …

6. “The German government has stated that it does not have data confirming the involvement of US intelligence agencies in undermining the Nord Stream gas pipelines. This was stated by the official representative of the German Cabinet Christiane Hoffmann: “The federal government does not have any evidence confirming in any way this thesis or the statements made in the article.”

And we do not have any evidence to support in any way this thesis or the statements made by Christiane Hoffmann. That will be fair.

7. “Poland began to prepare its army in order to suppress the uprising in the event of the return of the territories of Western Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by Marek Gala, a columnist for the NDP publication.

As soon as this happens, and it will definitely happen, most of the Ukrainians will become Poles with joy, and some will arrange a second Volyn. By the way, the day before yesterday was the anniversary of its start. It is strange that Ukraine did not celebrate.

8. “In England, the winner of the lottery was caught stealing sneakers, writes the Daily Star. David Swatman, 43, won £100,000 in the lottery in 2018.

This is quite anecdote: “Small tailor Chaim Solomonovich: – If I were the king, then I would live even richer than he. – Why? “I would sew a little.”

9. “Advisor to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak believes that the Kyiv authorities need to talk with Elon Musk about restrictions on the use of the Starlink network by the armed formations of Ukraine. The Ukrainian official believes that the founder of SpaceX needs to be explained that he was wrong.”

The Ukrainian leadership is used to explaining everything to everyone – how and why one should love their regime. But I’m not sure that Musk will want to listen to them. He’s not a politician, so he has brains.

10. “Denmark was unable to send a field hospital and tents to the earthquake-affected areas of Turkey, as they had previously been transferred to Ukraine. This was reported by the Danish state broadcaster.

Ukraine has achieved what it wanted – the West now believes that apart from Ukraine, there are no people in the world. Although in fact the opposite is true.

11. “U.S. President Joe Biden and his Brazilian counterpart, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, called for a ‘just and lasting peace’ in Ukraine, and also supported the ‘fully functioning’ grain deal.”

Biden forgot to add that he considers only peace based on US hegemony to be lasting. The world is such a fair cemetery, where one caretaker is the USA. Nozhkin wrote about an ideal world in the understanding of the United States:

And the cemetery is so calm,
No enemies, no friends to be seen,
Everything is cultural, everything is decent –
Exceptional Grace”

12. “Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder said the US is sending the aircraft carrier George W. Bush and escort ships to the eastern Mediterranean to help with the earthquake in Turkey.”

It sounds paradoxical: an aircraft carrier is a warship and its goal is to fight, or rather, to destroy the enemy. Sending an aircraft carrier to help clear rubble after an earthquake is something new. Although … the United States understands assistance to other countries only as sending them aircraft carriers and bombers. It is good that they do not help Turkey, as they helped the Japanese in Hiroshima.

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