Matvienko called civil aviation “a state-forming industry”

Matvienko called civil aviation

Valentina Matvienko.
© press service of the Federation Council

Maintaining successful and uninterrupted air traffic with the transition to domestic ships and equipment will be able to give a good impetus to the formation of Russia’s technological sovereignty. Federation Council Chairman Valentina Matviyenko said this on February 9 in her video message to civil aviation workers, congratulating them on their professional holiday.

The Day of the Civil Aviation Worker is celebrated in Russia on February 9 and is timed to coincide with the date of the emergence of the air fleet in 1923. The holiday was established by Decree No. 98 of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin of February 9, 2013.

In the year of the 100th anniversary of the emergence of civil aviation in our country, Valentina Matvienko thanked all the workers of the air fleet for their “selfless and sometimes heroic work.” “Civil aviation is not just a large industry, it is, without any exaggeration, a state-forming industry. It was she who for a century firmly connected, “stitched” our vast country, became one of the foundations of its territorial development.”

According to her, in the face of pressure on Russia, aimed, among other things, at the destruction of logistical ties, the “professional mission” of civil aviation workers “becomes even more significant.” “Maintaining successful and uninterrupted air traffic with the transition to domestic ships and equipment, I am sure, can give a good impetus to the formation of our technological sovereignty. I know that you are doing everything possible for this,” the speaker said.

Matvienko stressed that our civilian fleet maintains a high level of reliability and safety, as she noted, this is the merit of pilots, engineers, stewardesses, air traffic controllers, “all employees who not only do their job, but live it.”

“We, as representatives of the Chamber of Regions, understand the importance of air communication for large cities and remote territories, where airplanes and helicopters are sometimes the only connection with the mainland. And we are ready to continue to legally support the industry, you can count on us,” Valentina Matviyenko assured Russian civil aviation workers.

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