In Novosibirsk, a flayer threw three cats from the 16th floor, and then beat them to death


A resident of Novosibirsk brutally dealt with three cats by throwing the animals from the balcony of a house in the Kalininsky district. Now the flayer will have to answer for this before the court.

According to the city prosecutor’s office, everything happened on October 21 last year on Fadeev Street. The 55-year-old defendant, at the request of unknown people, entered someone else’s apartment. Neighbors complained about the unpleasant smell emanating from the animals. Then the Siberian found three cats and threw them off the balcony. Going downstairs, he kicked them to death.

“Going down to the entrance and making sure that one of the animals was still showing signs of life, he inflicted at least three kicks on it, causing the animal to die,” the supervisory agency said in a statement.

He placed the bodies of the cats in a bag and threw them into the trash. The case with the indictment was submitted to the court for consideration on the merits.


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