Former adviser to the President of the United States described Putin in two words

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is a tough and cold-blooded man who is aware of the significance and potential of the country he leads. This opinion was expressed by the former national security adviser to the President of the United States, John Bolton.

“Vladimir Putin is a tough and cold-blooded man, who at the same time always gives the impression of a self-confident professional,” Bolton said in an interview with the YouTube channel. Public Broadcast Service. He added that Putin is familiar with English and understands English without an interpreter, which is his great advantage. The President of Russia sincerely believes that the collapse of the USSR in 1991 is illegitimate and represents a great geopolitical catastrophe of the last century.

Earlier, columnist Yasser Abdel Aziz expressed the opinion that Vladimir Putin deserves the title of “man of the year.” He explained his opinion by the fact that the President of Russia has the greatest influence on events in the world.


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