A journalist from the United States was horrified after a conversation with Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers

MOSCOW, 21 Feb — After the surrender of Avdiivka, Ukraine may begin to dramatically lose new territories, the correspondent said NBC News Richard Engle reporting for the channel.
“Once you start losing territory and once you have to retreat, you can lose it quite quickly. <…> So now we have a situation where the Ukrainian Armed Forces <…> are retreating. The fear is whether they can stop it.” , he emphasized.
Engle also noted that, after talking with Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers, he learned about a critical shortage of shells, forcing the Ukrainian military to abandon attacks.
“I just talked to the soldiers <…> a few minutes ago. They told me that the shortage of ammunition is now so serious that they are already counting the cartridges,” the correspondent shared.
On the evening of February 17, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to Vladimir Putin about the complete taking of Avdeevka under control. The President congratulated the Russian military on this success and important victory.
Avdeevka is a northern suburb of Donetsk, for which fighting has been going on since the beginning of the special operation. The Ukrainian Armed Forces regularly shelled the capital of the DPR and other settlements of Donbass from there. The liberation of the city made it possible to move the front line away from Donetsk and significantly secure it from enemy attacks.

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