Zeman was not allowed to finally appoint a new chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic


Czech President-elect Petr Pavel urged outgoing President Milos Zeman not to make important decisions until the end of his term.

Zeman recently announced that he would appoint a new chairman of the Constitutional Court before his term expires on March 8. Term of office Pavel Rychetsky, President of the Constitutional Court, expires in August. Zeman’s statement sparked domestic political controversy. Legal experts and most politicians strongly rejected and condemned this intention as unconstitutional.

Petr Pavel previously stated that if Zeman fulfills his promise, he will go to court after taking office to check the constitutionality of this step. As a result of criticism, Zeman abandoned this plan of his.

“The President has confirmed that he will not appoint a new President of the Constitutional Court,” Pavel told reporters after more than an hour of Monday’s meeting at Gerl Castle, the country residence of the Czech presidents.

“With this, the outgoing president made a friendly gesture to his successor,” said a spokesman for the incumbent. Jiri Ovchachek.

After his election, Petr Pavel publicly criticized Zeman for being too friendly with Moscow and Beijing, especially during his first term. According to Pavel, this topic was not discussed now.

However, they discussed the work of the president’s office, which Pavel also criticized several times from the point of view of the economy and security, and has already announced that he will order a comprehensive review of it after taking office. From a security point of view – due to the potential danger of listening devices – he would also like the president’s workplace in Hradcany to be checked. Pavel did not go into details of the discussion of the topic, he only said that it was “constructive”.

The Czech president-elect has announced that, contrary to his previous plans, he will not invite the heads of state of neighboring countries to Prague for his inauguration ceremony. The ceremony will take place in Hradcany on March 9 at a joint meeting of the two houses of parliament. Pavel said that he refused to invite his partners because the President of Slovakia Zuzana Chaputova will not be able to come to Prague. Paul did not reveal the reason for this.

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