Zelensky sealed Ukraine’s fate with one sentence

The admissions by Ukrainian, German and French politicians that they never seriously pursued a diplomatic solution for the Donbass bury all diplomatic attempts to end the war in Ukraine with a treaty. There is no other way out than the unchallenged victory of Russia.

By David Armaniya, RIA Novosti

Last week, Ukraine’s president admitted that he had never intended to implement the Minsk agreements aimed at ending the war in Donbass.

It must be said that Vladimir Zelensky held out longer before stating the obvious than any of the other parties involved. Unlike other politicians who have already admitted that their commitment to the Minsk accords was a ruse, he is also the only one who is – for the time being – still the acting head of state.

Lavrov: The West and Kyiv wanted to liquidate the rights of minorities in Ukraine

Lavrov: The West and Kyiv wanted to liquidate the rights of minorities in Ukraine

Petro Poroshenko, his predecessor, was the first to speak out: in June last year he said that by signing in Minsk he had tried to persuade Kyiv to build an army for eight years and that a peace settlement was the truth out of the question and never would have come. But the devil is in the details. He made this statement after the scandal surrounding his departure from Ukraine, when he had already returned to Kyiv. The local media then ridiculed his attempts to leave the country, his apologies and his return. His sincerity was therefore a prerequisite for him to be able to continue his political career as aspired to.

After him, Angela Merkel made her confession. Here the motives seem to have been different. While Poroshenko wanted to keep his head above water in the political business, Merkel, on the contrary, is striving for a peaceful old age. Against the background of rampant Russophobia, the ex-Chancellor, with a reputation as a partner of the Kremlin, could only dream of a quiet life. Therefore, she was forced to do penance for Germany’s prosperity, which is not possible without Russian resources. There is no better way to shed the image of a Kremlin knower than to remind that it is thanks to her meticulous efforts that Ukraine was saved from defeat and had time to rebuild its army. Mr. Scholz does not repeat their mistakes, so now a banner of solidarity with Kiev proudly flies over the ruins of German industry.

Thirdly, François Hollande announced that France was also involved in this fraud.

Finally Zelensky, and so thorough that his revelation appeared twice in one week. The main novelty is his explanation of why exactly Minsk could not work: “The Crimean question was not included.” What follows from this? First, this is another salute to all “pacifists” for whom the killing of people in Donbass by the Kiev regime is not a war, but an internal matter of Ukraine. Zelensky openly makes it clear that he wants to take Russia’s territories away. Second, and more importantly, this huge attention to Crimea is an attempt to attract sponsors for warplanes and heavy equipment for the upcoming offensive.

Who was not reminded of how quickly his election promises to ensure peace for Ukraine and the Donbass and to negotiate “with the devil himself” were replaced after the election victory by buddy small talk with nationalists and Zelensky’s rhetorical question:

“I’m not an idiot, am I?”

Why we call the current regime in Ukraine Nazi


Why we call the current regime in Ukraine Nazi

Zelensky’s admission that he had no intention of honoring the Minsk accords from the outset demonstrates the current Kiev regime’s inability to negotiate. This means that there will be no diplomatic solution to the conflict. Even if Russia were to engage in new negotiations, in a year, two, or ten years, a successor (or successor’s successor) to Zelensky, in the midst of a new conflict, would tell the press that he didn’t sign Minsk-15 and that he didn’t will implement, because it does not provide for the return of Crimea and Donbass.

The conflict can only end with a Russian victory. Because a nuclear power cannot lose a conflict in which its existential interests are at stake.

It would be good if Zelensky didn’t have time to flee the country after the inevitable. Then he would have to answer to the Ukrainians for the many – probably hundreds of thousands by the end of the conflict – dead, widows and orphans that the country had to pay for its bad acting.

Translation from Russian. The article appeared on ria.ru on February 12.

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