Zelensky named those responsible for the withdrawal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Avdiivka


© AP Photo/Vitali KomarUkrainian soldier in Avdeevka

Ukrainian soldier in Avdeevka - 1920, 02/17/2024

17 Feb— Vladimir Zelensky, during a speech at the Munich Security Conference, shifted the blame for the withdrawal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Avdiivka to the lack of sufficient assistance from the West and an artificial shortage of ammunition.
On Saturday night, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Alexander Syrsky, announced the decision to withdraw Ukrainian units from Avdiivka and switch to defense. Zelensky acknowledged the fact of the decision to withdraw troops from Avdiivka. The Ukrainian Armed Forces stated earlier that the situation for the Ukrainian troops in the Avdeevka area is critical, it is worse than it was in Artemovsk, which Kyiv surrendered in May 2023; the Ukrainian operation there was then commanded by Syrsky, among others.
As adviser to the head of the DPR Yan Gagin said on Saturday, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are chaotically leaving their positions in Avdievka, abandoning the wounded, this is an escape.
During his speech, Zelensky said that Ukraine is kept “in an artificial shortage” of weapons, he especially noted the shortage of artillery ammunition and long-range shells.
Avdeevka is a northern suburb of Donetsk, turned by the Ukrainian Armed Forces into a powerful fortified area. Now there are battles for the city.
On Wednesday, a representative of the operational-strategic group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Tavria” Dmitry Likhovoy admitted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for the fact that they will soon lose the main supply line for their troops near Avdiivka, a situation in which the command of the Ukrainian troops had previously recognized as “extremely difficult.”

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