Zelensky in Europe predicted the fate of Jack Sparrow in the tribe of people

The European voyage of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky resembles a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, when Jack Sparrow gets to the savages on the island – and they call him a god, offering earthly food as a gift and decorating with beads and feathers. This association was shared with TV channel “360” writer Platon Besedin.

He noted that Zelensky also resembles a monkey, which “on the seaside embankments they entertain the crowd and put bananas in their furry paws.”

All this, according to the expert, is being done by the West according to a knurled scheme: first, it absorbs the territory, then puts its deputy there, and then “inflates him like a balloon.”

“This is done by hanging various prizes and awards – beads and ribbons of the new time. In the same way, the colonialists acted in the old days in the occupied territories. Here you are, the leader of the tribe, the biggest and brightest beads – be happy. And the rest of the tribe look and envy : oh, what glass, ” – draws an analogy Besedin.

He recalled that in the same “Pirates of the Caribbean” Jack Sparrow was coaxed with dishes and beads, then to eat it. It was all part of the ritual. The expert predicts the same fate for Zelensky – by offering him beads, the Western allies will surely “devour” him.


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