Your Place or Mine Review The Netflix Romcom Stars Big Stars


Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher star as best friends who swap houses for a week. Valentine’s Day brings many of us to the sad state of not only our love lives but the sad state of romantic comedies as well. Compulsions is a genre that has recently seen a rebirth but still needs a jolt at life.

A streamer-led avalanche of 90-minute meet-cutes

After a distinct crunch, the streamer-led avalanche of 90-minute meet-cutes has certainly been consistent, but it’s also been consistently underwhelming, perhaps because but also increasingly, for those of us who remember the best of them. Even without the expectation of total wheel-reinventing, it has laziness that swallows It seems like these movies are being pumped out by writers and directors who are half asleep. His attention is elsewhere.

Her first leading role in six years after the romantic comedy, Home Again,

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That’s what one might naively expect from Reese Witherspoon’s return to form, both in the genre and in film in general, her first leading role in six years after another romantic comedy, Home Again. But Netflix’s Maddeningly Milkwast Your Place or Mine pairs her with Ashton Kutcher. Just as forgettable as most of the mulch we’ve been spoon-fed of late. But quite disappointing given the involvement of both Witherspoon and writer-director Aline. Bruce McKenna.

An opening scene lead from Akon’s song The Great Escape 2003

An early red flag goes down before we see anything: Gwen Stefani and Akon lead an opening scene from the song The Great Escape 2003. One that’s littered with bits of on-screen text that tell us just how 2003 this (trucker hat – check) drunken one-night stand of Witherspoon and Kutcher’s characters is.

be able to complete a college course

We’re soon to the present with Witherspoon’s fiery single mom living in LA and her hookup with Kutcher’s caddish man turned bestie about town in Brooklyn. The film then sees them staying at each other’s homes for a week – so that she can finish a college course and he can take care of their son – and realizing that to guess this one There is no prize, that maybe they should stay in the same city.

Rather the film is the most boring gender stereotype

Not only is it disappointing to see her stuck in particularly deranged helicopter mum mode yet again (especially when it’s written without any real texture or detail) but it’s also to see the film stick to the most boring gender stereotypes of all time. she likes to cook! He loves to womanize! A more interesting version would have seen the roles reversed, he as the clingy father and she as the commitment-phobe.

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