“Yandex” explained the failure on February 6 by the failure of one of the network devices


Interruptions in the work of Yandex services that occurred on February 6 were provoked by the failure of one of the network devices – the border router, said press office companies.

Border routers are the place where the boundary between different communication networks passes. The connectivity between Yandex and the networks that provide the connection of end users depends on their work, Yandex clarifies in its blog on the site “Habr”.

“Yandex engineers reproduced the failure in laboratory conditions and identified a bug in the router OS that had a key impact on the development of events. The company has taken steps to prevent similar incidents in the future and has reported the software problem to the network equipment manufacturer.

The failure on February 6 affected various Yandex services. There were reports of interruptions in the work of the search engine, music, maps, Kinopoisk, Lavka, Market and Taxi, as well as the Zen platform.

Erdni Kagaltynov


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