Women in 2022 began to look for a couple to start a family more often

In 2022, women in Russia began to more often search on dating sites for a couple for an official marriage, and men for a civil marriage. Such results were shown by a joint study of analysts of the Platforma advertising program and the Mamba dating application on the eve of Valentine’s Day, which Life got acquainted with. Basically, men and women aged 25 to 44 are looking for a soul mate.

It turned out that last year the greatest increase in interest in dating services occurred in the second half of the year, and the peak was in October and November. At the same time, the ratio of men and women on dating resources in 2022 was almost the same (50.2% and 49.8%, respectively), as in the year before (49.6% and 50.4%, respectively). New relationships are mainly sought by boys aged 25 to 44 and girls aged 18 to 44.

In addition, last year people began to fill out the dating goals column more often (70% of users indicated it, while in 2021 it was only 47%). According to the study, Russians are more likely to seek relationships (up 48% among women and 32% among men), as well as the opportunity to start a family (up 28% and 18%). Women are more critical of their partner’s external data and use filters more actively when looking for a mate. Thus, ladies began to show preferences for height by 77% more often than a year earlier. Men use such a filter less often: it is not so much the height that matters to them, but the age of the woman.

The analysis also showed that in 2022, among the questionnaires, the number of women without children increased significantly – by 34% in the age segment from 18 to 27 years. At the same time, the number of men living separately from their children has also increased – by 36% in the age segment from 35 to 43 years. The column “Education” is usually used by about 30% of users. In 2022, the number of people with a secondary (13% of men and 23% of women), with a secondary special (by 32% of men and 53% of women), as well as a higher (17% of men and 13% of women) increased.

“In 2022, the average income level of users of dating services has moved into the range of medium and high: the dynamics are observed in both men and women. This may indicate that many Russians have abandoned additional spending on dating services. Basically, they are used by those who can afford it without burdening their budget,” Anatoly Novozhilov, Head of Platforma Advertising Services Development, evaluated the results.

The most unpopular column was material income: 93% of men and 86% of women never indicate the level of their earnings. But in 2022, the number of women who reported “high income” rose by 91%. Men with a stable average and high income increased by 17% and 21%, respectively. Users begin acquaintance in the same way – with stories about themselves. In greeting, they began to speak more often about their love for animals (an increase of 40% for women and 43% for men) and their desire to start a family (38% for women and 28% for men).

Tags in dating profiles are mostly used by women. The most popular in 2022 were “marriage / for marriage”, “travel” and “like romance”. For men, the tags “not interested in freeloaders”, “serious relationships” and “personal growth / self-development” most often appeared in the questionnaires. Also, in 2022, the tag “virtual fantasies” has grown for both sexes.

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