Why is research into the Maidan massacre being suppressed in the West?

The killings by snipers on the Maidan were decisive for the government overthrow in Kyiv in February 2014. But evidence of the involvement of external forces is suppressed for “political reasons”.

An analysis by Felix Livschitz

Political scientist Ivan Katchanovski of the University of Ottawa has revealed that a research paper he produced was not published by an academic journal for “political reasons”. This work details the evidence that the massacre of Ukrainian protesters by snipers in February 2014 was a defining moment in the Western-backed government coup in Kyiv.

“The evidence is solid”

In a lengthy Twitter post published on Jan. 6th published Katchanovski first set out the circumstances behind the rejection of his publication and the bombproof evidence it contained. The work was initially accepted, with minor revisions, on the basis of a cross-referencing review, and the journal’s editor even gave an enthusiastic review of this work, writing:

“There is no doubt that this paper is exceptional in many ways. It provides evidence that debunks the mainstream narrative of the 2014 government coup in Ukraine. It seems to me that the evidence their study provides is solid in Referring to the interpretation of who is behind the massacre of demonstrators and police officers during the mass “Euromaidan” protests in Ukraine on February 18-20, 2014. On this, too, there is consensus between the two experts.”

"Targeted provocation" - New evidence and witnesses of sniper operations on the Maidan

“Targeted provocation” – New evidence and witnesses of sniper operations on the Maidan

As the editor notes, the massacre was a “politically crucial development” leading to the “transition of power in the country” from the democratically elected Viktor Yanukovych to the illegitimate and fanatically nationalist government of Alexander Turchinov, a former senior security official.

The massacre was unanimously presented in Western media as a symbol of the brutality of the Ukrainian government and an unprovoked attack on innocent pro-Western Maidan protesters who were said to seek nothing more than democracy and freedom. Rumors that the false flag killings were carried out to stoke tensions in the huge crowds that lined the Maidan and to provoke violence against the authorities began circulating immediately afterwards.

However, no serious investigation of what happened was ever conducted by the Western media, and any claims that the snipers were an inside job were dismissed as Kremlin “disinformation”. But even the Atlantic Council, NATO’s journalistic appendage, admitted in 2020 that the massacre was likely to remain unresolved and that it was “casting a shadow over Ukraine.”

You ask the witnesses

However, with an ongoing court case against police officers who were on scene that fateful day, this mystery may not remain “unsolved” for much longer. The trial has been going on for well over a year and has received absolutely no mainstream media coverage outside of Ukraine. Katchanovski relied heavily on eyewitness testimony and video evidence presented during the course of this trial in his suppressed paper.

For example, 51 demonstrators who were wounded during the incident testified in this trial that they were fired upon by snipers from the buildings controlled by the Maidan movement and/or even observed snipers there. Many also spoke of snipers firing at the police from buildings controlled by Maidan activists. This is consistent with others collected by Katchanovski Provesuch as those 14 independently produced videos showing snipers inside activist-controlled buildings, and 10 videos of which clearly show armed far-right men at the Hotel Ukraina aiming down through the windows at the crowds.

conspiracy theorist?  BBC presents Maidan snipers from opposition ranks

conspiracy theorist? BBC presents Maidan snipers from opposition ranks

Total have 300 witnesses stated more or less the same representation. Videos synchronized show that the exact time and direction of the shots fired by police not only did not match the killing of specific Maidan protesters, but that officers aimed at walls, trees, lampposts and even the ground, just to avoid killing them to disperse crowds.

Among those apparently from the snipers targeted were also journalists from the German broadcaster ARD. They weren’t the only western news channel in town at the time. There were also Belgian journalists, for example, who weren’t just Maidan demonstrators filmed, who shouted in the direction of Hotel Ukraina that the snipers should not shoot at them, but also participants who were actively lured to the death zone. This disturbing footage was never publicly broadcast.

CNN filmed also extreme right-wing elements who, while standing behind Maidan barricades, shot at the police and then looked for suitable firing positions on the 11th floor of the Ukraina Hotel, just minutes before the BBC Filmed snipers shooting at demonstrators from the room of a far-right MP. At the time, the broadcaster decided not to report on it.

We don’t have to rely on video footage alone. During the trial, as many as 14 self-confessed members of the Maidan snipers testified that they received explicit orders, Katchanovski claims. In contrast, none of the police officers on duty at the scene have testified that they were instructed to shoot at unarmed demonstrators, no government official has come forward to call for such action, and no evidence has ever surfaced that Yanukovych condoned these killings .

Did the EU and the US plan the coup d'etat in Ukraine together?

Did the EU and the US plan the coup d’etat in Ukraine together?

Apart from the court case, the leaders of the right-wing extremist party Swoboda are open explainedWestern government officials would have them before the massacre expressly said they would start calling for Yanukovych’s fall once the number of protester casualties reached a certain number. And even this magic number was discussed intensively between both sides: was five enough – or better 20? Or even 100? The last figure was the actually reported number of fatalities and actually led to calls from the West for the Ukrainian government to resign.

Katchanovski has previously published a landmark study on the Maidan massacre, including in 2021, which has also cited over a hundred academics and experts, making him one of the most-cited political scientists specializing in Ukraine, according to Google Scholar.

Regardless of the nature and source of the political pressure exerted on the academic journal that led to the censorship of the publication, this move could backfire massively in a Streisand effect. Indeed, he could help uncover the truth about what really happened in those deadly days, and that could help bring those responsible for the murders to justice. It should also lead to a broader reassessment of the nature of this Maidan movement and the government it has produced. The ban on opposition parties, the attacks on the Orthodox Church, the closure of media critical of the government and the war on Russian culture and language are all consequences.

Translated from the English.

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