What is included in the new package of sanctions against Russia – Politico


The Politico newspaper, citing diplomats and officials, reported today, February 13, that it could be included in the 10th package of EU sanctions against Russia.

— Restrictions against four banks, including Alfa-Bank. The names of other credit institutions that are threatened with sanctions, the publication does not specify.

— Restrictions for 130 individuals and legal entities.

— Individuals include high-ranking Russian military officials, officials of new territories within the Russian Federation, journalists working for state media, in particular, for the RT television channel.

– Among the legal entities is a shipping company from the emirate of Dubai, which acquired several tankers that were previously engaged in the export of Russian oil under the flag of Cyprus, and transferred the vessels to the jurisdiction of the UAE. Companies and individuals in other countries, in particular, in Mali and Iran, which are allegedly somehow connected with military operations on the side of Russia or the Wagner group, may also fall under the sanctions.

— A ban on Russian citizens from holding positions on the boards of directors of critical infrastructure companies, such as European power grids or gas supply companies.

— Refusal to import Russian rubber and bitumen.

– A ban on the export to the Russian Federation of such European goods as “trucks, other heavy vehicles, construction machines, pumps.”

According to the publication, now the permanent representatives of the EU states are informing the authorities of their countries about the proposals of the European Commission, and on Wednesday they will discuss a new package of restrictions. Over the past year, the European Union has put into effect nine packages of sanctions against the Russian Federation, TASS quotes.

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