Wearing a tight bra is fraught with cysts, papillomas, atrophy and oncology


Wearing a tight bra, especially with hard bones, will certainly affect the condition of the skin in the décolleté and mammary glands. Dermatovenereologist Natalia Zhovtan warned readers of Life about this.

The expert explains that this delicate area has an active blood supply and a large number of lymphatic vessels, so any disturbance in the blood flow system leads to stagnation and negatively affects basic physiological functions. The result can be the formation of cysts and neoplasms, including breast cancer.

“After all, due to the hormonal background that changes during the month, a woman’s volumes can change. The more magnificent the forms, the more significant jumps are possible. This is also reflected in the condition of the skin in the chest area, the processes of regeneration and cell renewal slow down, which contributes to the formation of a network of wrinkles and thinning skin”, – says the interlocutor of Life.

Constant squeezing of the muscle corset with a tight bra, Natalia Zhovtan notes, leads to atrophy and possible sagging of tissues. The strapless form is especially harmful in this regard, because in this case the pressure is on the axillary lymph nodes.

“Also, wearing tight underwear is accompanied by constant skin injury, which in turn can be manifested by secondary post-traumatic hyperpigmentation in the area of ​​u200bu200bbones and straps, and even the formation of pits-depressions in the soft tissues in the shoulder area. In addition, microetching and increased sweating when wearing a tight bust leads to activation of the human papillomavirus and, as a result, papillomas may form at the site of compression, the doctor warned.


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