“We should be on the same team”: Limp Bizkit shows music video with deepfakes of Putin and Biden

US metal band Limp Bizkit has used deepfake technology to release a music video in which Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Zelensky and Joe Biden play together in a garage and sing about “a better future”.

Joe Biden falling off his bike, Hollywood actor Tom Cruise as the grill master, Vladimir Putin as the front man and Vladimir Zelensky on the keyboard: the US rock band Limp Bizkit has transformed itself into the most famous world politicians in a new music video using deepfake technology.

Roger Waters writes letter to Putin:

Roger Waters writes letter to Putin: ‘Blow up each other and the world’

“We can’t change the past, but we can start today to make tomorrow better,” Fred Durst, the band’s lead singer, begins the composition “Out Of Style” – with Putin’s face instead of his own.

As the song is played in a garage by world leaders, the US President manages to both play his guitar and fall off his bike. Zelensky modestly handles the keyboards in the background, because it’s quite obvious – the music video’s heroes are Putin and (a bit) Biden. Finally, in the finale, Cruise turns grilled sausages into the peace symbol of the nuclear disarmament campaign.

Now accompanied by this cheeky video, the single “Out Of Style” is included on the group’s sixth album Still Sucks, which was released last year on the Suretone Records label.

The band Limp Bizkit was formed in 1994. To date, the group has sold more than 40 million records worldwide. The group has been nominated for a Grammy Award three times.

Durst is considered a big Russia fan. After the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, both the lead singer and the band were criticized for their sympathies with Russia. The Editorial network Germany (RND) wrote at the end of January for example:

In the fall of 2015, a year and a half after the annexation of Crimea, Fred Durst’s band Limp Bizkit toured Russia. 20 cities in October and November. In the video tour diary and at concerts he wears a gray hoodie. ‘Russia’ in capital letters on the chest, ‘Limp Bizkit’ on the left arm. He gets enthusiastic, in the tour diary, in numerous interviews with the Russian media. He liked it so much that in 2015 he and his then partner Kseniya Beryazina wanted to move directly to Crimea. In a region that had only recently been annexed by Russia in violation of international law.

At the request of an outraged RND– A journalist who wants to know his position on Putin and “Russia’s war of aggression”, the Limp Bizkit singer explains that his wife is Ukrainian, her parents are from Siberia and currently live in Crimea. He says only one thing about the war:

“It’s sad to see people make war. I really despise it. It makes me very sad because I believe all people should get along and be on the same team. I believe in love and unity and UFOs.”

Thirst explained that RNDthat he was skeptical of the press and would not answer provocative questions about his attitude towards Putin. And when asked how he got important information about the war in Ukraine, the Limp Bizkit singer answered succinctly:

“The information comes from friends in Ukraine and friends in Russia.”

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