Wanted ex-shareholder of the Solikamsk magnesium plant Pestrikov returned the debt to the enterprise

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The former shareholder of Solikamsk Magnesium Plant JSC (SMZ, Perm Territory), put on the wanted list, Igor Pestrikov returned 250 million rubles to the company, along with interest. This information was shared by the media.

“On February 3, 2023, Igor Pestrikov returned 250 million rubles to Solikamsk Magnesium Plant OJSC under a loan agreement with the enterprise and 14 million rubles of interest,” writes Kommersant-Prikamye, referring to a letter from the former shareholder, which he sent to the editorial office of the publication. Data on the return of money is also confirmed by the materials of the arbitration case on the recovery of more than 260 million rubles by the plant. According to Pestrikov, the funds were loaned to him within the framework of civil law relations.

Earlier, URA.RU wrote that, according to the order of the court, Igor Pestrikov should have been taken into custody. According to investigators, the general director of SMZ Artur Urtaev provided him with a loan of 250 million rubles. As security for the loan, Pestrikov’s shares in the Lovozersky GOK enterprise, which turned out to be unprofitable, were taken into account. The security forces regarded Urtaev’s actions as embezzlement on an especially large scale. In February of this year, the person involved in the criminal case was extended house arrest.


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