Vucic spoke about the difficult situation of Serbia due to the rejection of anti-Russian sanctions

Serbia, which adheres to an independent policy and refuses to support sanctions against the Russian Federation, with the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine finds itself at the center of tension between the West and Russia, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said.

“They (the West) know that if they cannot completely defeat (the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir) Putin in the next five to six months, then Poland will have elections in September, the US election campaign starts almost at the end of the year, Russia has elections in the spring of 2024, and they do not want to let Putin win, and the British elections are coming up next year”, Vučić said on TV Prva.

According to him, all these election campaigns and their results are globally significant and may affect the course of the armed conflict in Ukraine.

“They will have to somehow end the conflict in the next five or six months, the West needs to have no access for the Russians to the Balkans by that time. The Russians cannot allow the West to have such a clean stance. Our Serbia will literally be between a rock and a hard place,” the Serbian leader stressed.

Earlier, Vucic said that he did not know how much longer the country’s authorities could withstand without imposing sanctions on Russia, but they would try to survive as long as possible.

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