Vučić said that Serbia should not abandon Russian culture


Serbia should not abandon the Russian cultural heritage in theater, music and literature. This opinion is on the air TV channel Prva was expressed by the President of the country Aleksandar Vučić.

As the head of state noted, most of the investments come to Serbia from the West, and the republic is on the European path. Vučić thinks it is stupid that some people say that the country should change this, because some “do not understand what life is.”

“Just like those who say: break all ties with Russia, let’s remove Chekhov and Dostoevsky from the theaters, let’s not teach children Pushkin at school so that there is no Tchaikovsky in the opera. People, this cannot be Serbia, because that we must take care of the soul of our people, <…> we have to consider what are our financial interests, our economic interests,” stressed the Serbian leader.


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