VPost: “AliExpress Russia” plans to import auto parts of international brands

Marketplace “AliExpress Russia” plans to import original auto parts of international brands and their analogues into the country. This is reported VPost.

According to the publication, “AliExpress Russia” has received more than a dozen Russian certificates of conformity for parts of international brands. With their help, the company will be able to import these spare parts to Russia. Spare parts for testing, notes VPost, the marketplace imported to Russia in August 2022.

In particular, Aliexpress Russia will be able to import air filters and timing belts for Ford from factories in the UK, Germany, Mexico and the United States, BMW chain tensioners from a French factory. We are also talking about engine components and thermostats for Mercedes Benz from Daimler AG factories (in France, Germany, Spain), FEBI tie rods from Germany and other spare parts.

In 2022, auto parts from manufacturers who left the Russian market went up in price in Russia. Average spare parts prices have risen sharply for Honda (59%), Volvo (51%), Mazda (49%), Land Rover (46%), Infiniti (42%), BMW and Mercedes-Benz (41%), as well as Suzuki and Audi (38%). According to the Russian Union of Motor Insurers, on average, prices for auto parts increased by 27% per year.

Lusine Balasyan


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