Virologist Altstein: COVID-19 pandemic will no longer give a big wave of incidence

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The coronavirus pandemic will no longer give a big wave of morbidity, as it did a year ago. This was told URA.RU by the chief researcher of the Gamaleya Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, virologist Anatoly Altshtein.

“When there are rises in the incidence, they can last a month and a half. But this is if there is a very large rise. Small ascents can last for weeks, and then there will be a descent. There are no signs that there will be a big wave. I think that there should not be a big wave in this pandemic,” Anatoly Altshtein said.

As for the current rise in the incidence in Russia, new versions of Omicron could be its causes. “Most likely, this is a BQ variant. The XBB variant is unlikely to have spread so much with us, but it may be. This rise still needs to be monitored. I do not think that a very strong rise awaits us here. BQ is also a variant of Omicron, ”added the specialist.

“These are all variants with low mortality, quite contagious. In a number of countries they caused quite a strong rise. Now everywhere there is a fairly pronounced decline. We have a rather local situation. The growth is very slow. It will not be significant,” Altshtein concluded.


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