US no longer has missiles for Ukraine — EADaily, February 12, 2023 — Politics News, Russia News


Former Pentagon adviser Colonel Douglas McGregor in an interesting interview with Judging Freedom YouTube channel uncovered the present state of affairs with American missile stockpiles. According to the military from the United States, the States and their allies have almost exhausted their resources, supplying Kyiv for more than a year.

The expert also clarified that his words relate to high-precision weapons, the design and production of which takes a lot of time. For example, NASAMS and HIMARS rockets.

“We ran out of our reserves very quickly, we don’t have any spare capacity, and people don’t understand that. But the Russians have been able to ramp up production very quickly, and the Europeans are very concerned about this. That’s why NATO said behind closed doors that this can’t go on anymore, that we have to stop it in Washington.” Douglas McGregor says

The American colonel warned his fellow citizens that “everyone is in danger” because there was “nothing left” in his country.

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