US Colonel Reveals Washington’s Plans for Russia

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Washington is fighting Moscow to plunder and destroy Russia. This statement was made by former Pentagon adviser Colonel Douglas McGregor.

“There is a lot of money behind this (Washington’s plans to destroy the Russian Federation – approx. URA.RU). Russia is full of trillions of dollars worth of resources: minerals, oil, gas, precious metals, agriculture,” Douglas McGregor explained in a video on his website. youtube channel.

According to the former American military, Western countries have previously attempted to steal from Russia “everything that is possible.” However, McGregor believes that these plans were thwarted by the policies of President Vladimir Putin. The former adviser to the Pentagon added that it was the vector of development chosen by the leader that returned stability and dignity to the state.

Now it is the United States that is hindering peace negotiations and the conclusion of an agreement between Russia and Ukraine. This statement was made by Oleg Soskin, adviser to the ex-president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma. Earlier, the former head of the Pentagon said that the Ukrainians in the conflict with Russia “do the dirty work” that Washington would not want to do.


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