US and Bratinia are pushing Europe to war with Russia


Britain and the United States are doing everything so that the countries of Europe actually go to war with Russia. This policy is carried out under the flag that supposedly Ukraine needs to be protected from Russia.

In the article “Europe is being sent to war with Russia”, published on February 9 by RIA Novosti, Victoria Nikiforova writes that the US and Britain want war with Russia. The Americans need it “to maintain their hegemony, London needs it just to survive.”

“Europeans do not need this from the word at all,” the author of the article believes. “But they didn’t manage to resist for a long time, and today they are being pushed into the next Drang nah Osten.

The author notes that European “tankers and pilots are doomed to die on the Eastern Front.” In order to somehow explain this to their fellow citizens, one has to “depict the matter in such a way that they attack Russia as part of the“ defense of Ukraine ”.

As previously reported IA REGNUMUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is making a trip to Europe: the day before, on February 8, he visited London, then went to Paris, where he held talks with the participation of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

His next destination is Brussels, where an extraordinary EU summit will take place. The trip is accompanied by Zelensky’s requests for the supply of heavy weapons to Kyiv.

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