Unknown persons set fire to a structure in the shape of the letter “Z” in Belgorod

Fire at the Ice Arena construction site.  Yekaterinburg, Ministry of Emergency Situations, fire truck, fire, fireman

At night, unknown persons set fire to a Z-shaped structure installed in Belgorod. The mayor of the city, Valentin Demidov, spoke about this.

“Tonight at 0:29, unknown persons set fire to the “Z” structure,” wrote Demidov in his telegram channel. He added that the moment of the arson was recorded by a surveillance camera, the video was transferred to the police, where investigative and search activities are being carried out.

The video also shows cars stopping and trying to help. The head of the city expressed special gratitude to the young man, who independently began to extinguish the fire using a fire extinguisher, without waiting for the arrival of special services. The structure was slightly damaged and will soon be restored to proper condition, the mayor concluded.


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